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Thai Herbal Compress Therapy

Embark on a sensory journey with Benefic Thai Herbal Compress Therapy

The exquisite effect of combining herbal aromatic thermal and massage therapies in one luxurious treatment is truly benefic.

Benefic Thai Herbal Compress is a unique massage technique which draws on the ancient healing practice known in Thailand as 'Luk Pra Kob' dating back to the 14th century Ayutthaya Kingdom in Siam.  During this period the knowledge of plants, their effects through ingestion and application on the body were painstakingly researched.

The thai herbal compress techniques were designed to relieve pain and inflammation for soldiers returning from battle as well as for post natal women suffering the after effects of childbirth.

The herbal compresses possess numerous potential health and beauty benefits for your total wellbeing.

Each compress, once steamed to soften, releases the therapeutic properties and wonderful aromatics of the herbs to envelop your every sense.


This amazing treatment is more than just another massage.  The aromatics induce a calming feeling as the soothing heat and the medicinal herbs are absorbed by the body.  All combine to help alleviate chronic aches and pains to stimulate circulation, detoxify, increase lymphatic drainage and are ideal for relieving pent up stress and anxiety.

This truly holistic treatment leaves you totally rejuvenated with a complete sense of wellbeing.

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Our guarantee:

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  • Small steps for results.
  • Private and confidential management of your case.
  • Qualified care by registered naturopath and medical herbalist.