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Food Sensitivities

Hair testing for food sensitivities 

Many symptoms such as bloating, stomach pains, wind, fatigue, headaches and skin problems can be causes by a food intolerance/sensitivity.  Hair testing can be a quick and convenient way to find out what may be causing inflammation in your body.  

How is the testing done?

The testing is carried out using an EAV machine: this measures the changes in electromagnetic energy when the hair sample is exposed to various test samples.  EAV technology was first developed in Europe over thirty years ago by a German physician named Reinhold Voll.

How does this testing compare to Skin prick and blood testing for allergies?

Skin price measures the skin's reaction by exposing the skin to different irritants while blood tests measure the antibody levels of a certain substance.  These tests are carreid out to measure allergies.  A hair test can detect minor intolerances which may be difficult to measure using other allergy tests.  Intolerances can take several days to have an effect on the body which is why they can be difficult to identify.

What are the strengths of hair testing?

* Non invasive
* A wide variety of irritants can be tested from foods and preservatives to environmental chemicals

What are the limitations?

* Hair testing measures changes in electromagnetic resonance and due to this if a food has not been consumed for a number of weeks it may not appear as a reaction.
* If foods are already being avoided in the diet they may not show sensitivity with EAV testing.

Does it matter if the hair sample is coloured or treated in some way?

No, this does not interfere with testing

Can you test babies?

Yes, babies can be tested.  If they are fully breast fed then the mother may need to adjust her diet.

How much hair do you need?

Only a small sample of hair is needed, approx a piece 4cm long and 1cm wide.  If there is not much hair then you can take smaller clippings to make up this approx amount.  It is best to take the hair from the nape of the neck close to the scalp.  If there is no hair on the head then arm, chest or pubic hair may be used.

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