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Face to Face Health Consultation $100.00

A health consultation involves a comprehensive look at your current and past health, family history, nutrition and lifestyle.  Considerations of your expectations and goals are made so that we can create a treatment plan specific to your needs, budget and lifestyle.  The cost includes the consultation, research, preparation of treatment and nutritional plan if applicable.

Skype Consultation $100.00 Pre-pay only.  To book this consult click here.

The same level of care and attention is provided as an in-clinic face to face consultations via skype or phone or email.  The cost includes the consultation, research, preparation of treatment and nutritional plan.

Follow up consultation   up to $45.00

A follow up is important to review your progress.  At this point the next step in your treatment may be implemented or it may be necessary to adjust your plan to achieve better results.

Mini - Health Condition Specific Consultation $50.00

This is a short online questionnaire/consultation involving a specific health condition with lifestyle, nutrition and supplementation recommendations.   

Hair Analysis $110.00  To book click here

For more information click here
As a stand alone test (without consultation) this test includes results and some recommendations.  

Adrenal Fatigue Program $388.00

This is a brilliant program and great value for money - Full Value $510.95

This program includes:
1 x Consultation (online or face to face)
1 x Dr. Wilsons Adrenal Quartet 90's (4 nutritional supplements)
1x Louise Thompsons 'The Busy womans guide to high energy happiness' Book
1 x Dr Wilsons 'Adrenal Fatigue - The 21st Century Stress Syndrome'

Optional Add on:  60 minute de-stress lime & Coconut relaxation massage $60.00
Optional Add on:  Adrenocortex Stress Profile text $179.90

Detox Programs

Intestinal Detox & Cleansing Program (click here for more information) $49.50
Intestinal Detox & Cleansing Program (click here for more information) $149.40
Metabolic Rejuvenation Detox Program (click here for more information) $182.50

Individual detox programs tailor made for you also available $50.00 plus cost of herbs/supplements.

Diagnostic Testing (please enquire for a price)  

Adrenal Stress Profile

Comprehensive Thyroid Profile

Female 28 Day Cycle Profile

Female Hormone Profile

Male Hormone Profile

Hair Mineral Analysis

Food Allergy Panel

Iodine Testing

Comprehensive Cardiovasular Profile

Liposcreen LDL-Sub Fractions

Massage Therapy

Relaxation / Deep tissue massage / Pregnancy massage (available after 1st trimester)

30 minute express upper body massage $35.00
45 minute upper body plus back of legs    $45.00
60 minute full body massage $60.00
90 minute full body massage $90.00

Aromatherapy please add $5.00
Surmanti fragrant oil please add $8.00

Hot Stone
Relax with smooth heated basalt stones.

60 minute full body masage $ 70.00
90 minute full body massage $100.00

Thai Herbal Compress Therapy
All about thai herbal click here

60 minute full body $80.00
90 minute full body $120.00

or a combination 90 minute of hands on and compress $120.00

Purchase 3 60 minute thai compress therapy sessions (to be used within 6 weeks) and 
save $40.00


Refer a friend and recieve a free gift to the value of $19.95. Be sure to get them to mention your referral at their appointment!








Adrenal Fatigue

Our guarantee:

  • Personalised manageable programmes.
  • NO unrealistic changes.
  • Small steps for results.
  • Private and confidential management of your case.
  • Qualified care by registered naturopath and medical herbalist.