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About Me

Olivia Cartier-Graves
Naturopath and Medical Herbalist
Qualifications:  BHSc (Comp Med), dipNat, dipHerbMed

My goal is to provide naturopathic health solutions using traditional and evidence based methods.

My aim is to empower my clients to take control of their health with coaching methods that will provide simple yet effective, achievable and sustainable results that have powerful, positive consequences to overall health and vitality.

My focus is to help you find balance as naturally as possible.

I'm not perfect and sometimes my lifestyle and nutritional choices aren't perfect, but that makes me perfect to help you.  I understand that being perfectly health and finding that balance in the world today isn't easy, sometimes it feels somewhat impossible!  I understand that often changing habits and being committed to a plan can be challenging and frustrating.  We are all human and as your wellness coach I can relate to you through the challenges in my own life and those around me.  But I also understand that equipped with the right information, support and an action plan we can all achieve natural health and wellness.

Most people wait until disease has set in before they see a health professional, however the beauty of seeing your naturopath is that you don't have to. We're trained to see the subtle things that are beginning to cause imbalance in your life, we have the time and resouces to coach you on how to prevent ill health, maintain good health and catch any disharmony before you go from a small imbalance into a disease state.  A naturopath can also save you money!  People are throwing a wealth of money at supplements they don't actually need (but hear or think they need it) and are using poor quality supplements with no therapeutic benefit whatsoever.  That's where we can help.  Alongside preventative measures I can help with many conditions (see my conditions page for a basic list of illnesses).

I specialise in adrenal fatigue - Adrenal fatigue is something I have experienced first hand.  So I really understand!  Almost every client I see is suffering on some level from adrenal insufficiency.  It's becoming alarmingly more common in our modern lifestyle and many of us don't escape it.  Does any of this fit with you?

* Tired for no reason?
* Having trouble getting up in the morning?
* Depending on coffee to keep you going?
* Feeling run down and stressed?
* Dragging yourself through each day?
* Craving salty or sweet snacks?
* Struggling to keep up with life's daily demands?
* Unable to bounce back from stress or illness?
* Not having fun anymore?
* Experiencing decreased sex drive?
* Simply to tired to enjoy life?

(See my adrenal fatigue page for more information and ways I can help you)

Helping people is important to me but so are helping animals. It just seems natural to transfer my knowledge of naturopathy and herbal medicine to animals.  The animals in my care live a natural life and as close to nature intended (in the constraints of domestication of course).  I do this by giving them a diet as nature intended, by lifestyle enrichment and if necessary supplements and herbs to suit their own individual situations.  So I am pleased to be able to offer nutrients for animals that may enrich their quality of life.  I sell herbs, bach flowers, homobotanicals, himlayan salt, nutritional supplements for animals. I have also trained in 'Contact Care' finchlock release for horses.

I look forward to helping you and your animals in the future.


Adrenal Fatigue

Our guarantee:

  • Personalised manageable programmes.
  • NO unrealistic changes.
  • Small steps for results.
  • Private and confidential management of your case.
  • Qualified care by registered naturopath and medical herbalist.